Discovery Solution

Today, change to your virtual and physical environments is a function of business, happening fast and in high volumes. Oasis Discovery is designed to keep up with today’s hybrid IT, regardless of the location of the assets and in spite of increasing rates in change volume and change types. Auto discovery is crucial to your business because it is impossible to stay up to date with this tremendous volume of devices, applications and cloud resources without the help of a powerful tool.

Two of the most important components of an IT Operations Management Platform are discovering all of your logical, physical and virtual assets and automatically maintaining an accurate CMDB. Additionally, the CMDB demands knowing how each element is related to the business; there must always be context and no element or Configuration Item (CI) can be an island unto itself.

The Oasis discovery engine is completely agentless, lightning fast, lightweight, and requires minimal credentials and IP addresses to do its work. The output of the Oasis Discovery engine drives the Oasis Analytics, Reporting and Automation Components.

All assets and any changes are updated in near real-time. Visible in many formats, the IT business can be inspected as a dependency map, a list of assets by type, by group or even by location. Since Discovery is integral to the complete Oasis Platform, it inherently understands both the framework and the contextual expectations of your network. That means that after an update or change, Oasis can automatically confirm, not only that a SQL Server is part of a cluster, but a complete query will be initiated to confirm the server, the Operating System and the Application stack is completely functional. Any challenges are alerted automatically to the Ticket Desk.

Oasis Discovery never broadcasts data nor does it leverage port scanning techniques so there is no need to turn off security or set risky policies to allow port scans.

Discovery methods that are leveraged in Oasis include: ICMP, Netbios, SMB, SNMP, JMX, WinRM, SSH and credentials to inspect virtual environments, cloud-based resources in Azure, AWS, Google and containers with management layers such as Kubernetes. Application relationships can be discovered passively through a combination of SNMP, SSH, WinRM and Netflow: depending on your own policies for polling.

The advanced intelligence of Oasis Discovery protects the organization against risks of rogue elements by alerting on new devices and changes found, ensures availability and performance quality and drives automatic remediation for the NOC and the SOC.