Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC)

The Oasis Platform is perfectly built to reduce risk, ensure compliance and standardize processes across your organization for communication and governance. Crucial to a GRC platform is a strong combination of continuous discovery, the ability to prioritize tasks and a self-aware automation engine that reduces inefficiencies.

Oasis continuously maintains its repository of assets: logical and physical, as well as their relationships. The friendly user interface simplifies policy implementations by automatically inducting them from external documents or by manual processes. Communication across departments is enhanced because decision-making is streamlined - everyone has instant access to current, contextual data in a single source of truth.

Dashboards and Reports ship standard with Oasis and customizing them is a snap depending on end-user preferences. Alerts get automatically generated and funneled with supporting context to the appropriate party in near real-time for rapid remediation. Any Compliance Standard can be leveraged with ease including NIST, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR (Europe).

There are many benefits from implementing the Oasis GRC product. Costs are reduced because audits can be accomplished internally. And when external audits are required, they are fast and efficient because compliance drift between checks is managed. Leveraging Oasis Automation and continuously inspecting the network for performance and anomalies helps ensure only important degradations are flagged for treatment.

The Oasis platform integrates seamlessly with your current security and configuration management tools, as well as with your cloud services - there are no blind spots, and configuration changes get confirmed automatically.