Management Products

At our core, we are an ITSM company that was designed for that purpose from the beginning. Our solution can cover from your infrastructure, through your applications and end user experience, to your Business Outcomes and finish it all with your Compliance needs

Monitoring improves the availability, reliability and performance of IT systems while reducing the operational and capital costs associated with delivering them. This has a direct impact on the business processes dependent upon them. What makes our services different is that Syntervision constantly focuses on improving both availability and performance of your business environment. If your operating system goes down, you need to be the first to know. Proactive monitoring ensures you’ll know before it happens, every time.

Appropriate monitoring should render the following outcomes:

    • Reduce number of incidents
    • Reduce duration and frequency of incidents
    • Reduce cost of monitoring
    • Reduce operational and capital expenditures
    • Reduce deviations
    • Improve stability
    • Reduce impact of unplanned outages
    • Proactively identify problems
    • Provide auto-populated Asset Repository
    • Manage Compliance based on company needs

When it comes down to it, we get your company out of firefighting mode to allow you to focus on more important things.

Smart, Simple, Strong, Secure

Oasis covers your events, performance, and inventory and retains that information together.   If there is anything occurring in your environment, Oasis is going to recognize it.  We perform calculations, comparisons, thresholds, and analytics daily.  That data is stored in a database to create events or for further analysis.

Event Management

The Oasis Event Manager (OEM) can manage millions of events per day. By leveraging data aggregation, de-duplication, and event suppression it reduces the number or actionable items you receive.  We generate incidents based on the root cause and through thresholding and  configuration, indicate the severity of the incident.

All of the events are time stamped and ideal for replaying what took place in a particular time frame. Our Oasis Event Manager (OEM) works directly with
the Oasis Virtual Operator to provide notifications and auto-corrective actions.

Performance Management

Oasis collects millions of data points per hour to comprise performance metrics. These data points are stored for ~13 months in relationship to event metrics. The reason we store these events together is to make replaying performance events that much more meaningful.

With Oasis, you can replay performance metrics that occurred prior to an incident to identify a precursor event that you may have originally missed. The precursor event can now have an alert attached to it to ensure that the same issue does not occur again.

Inventory Management

Continuing with our theme of showing you exactly what’s going on in your business environment, we have the Oasis Inventory Manager.  Oasis discovers and creates relationships of everything your company has and organizes it in a database, a true CMDB based on industry standards.

It maintains this database automatically using the discovery process where data is collected.  By having this management built in, and the population of changes automated you ensure a more accurate inventory at all times.

Compliance Summary & Management

The newest addition to the Oasis Suite brings a simplicity in meeting the various Regulatory and Government Frameworks, allowing you confidence in meeting with auditors, reviewing status and knowing exactly where you have challenges.  It all starts with a comprehensive Asset Discovery that collects all of your environment, and begins to build an Asset Repository automatically.  This also brings together all of the relationship data, and as data collection kicks off, it retains all of that information in one place, for 13 months.  This is one of the simplest engagements you will find, where configuration is fast and comprehensive.


With any Package you choose, your business’s infrastructure will be constantly monitored to keep your system running smoothly.  This product provides solutions for everything from the Data Center environmental controls and UPS solution through your most critical business outcomes or deliverables.

Our skilled Business Integrator work with your expert staff to use Oasis to identify all of the components, large or small, that contribute to the success of your business outcome.  We then implement monitors with alerts, integrate with your ITSM Solution where application, and provide dashboard views into your business processes to simplify your world while ensuring your users have the very best of availability and reliability.

Effective and efficient monitoring and management of the IT Infrastructure performance is vital to ensure that requirements, such as Service Level Agreements and Customer Objectives, are met. Not just in terms of reporting actual performance, but also by proactively reporting on the preconditions that may lead to under performing.

Being Proactive is the key to guaranteeing that conditions do not rise to the level of business interruption or outages.


The Oasis automation product, the Virtual Operator, takes the analytic thought process of experienced engineers and puts it into code. Not only does it improve Operational and Capital Expense by reducing staff and unnecessary tools, but most companies see ROI in a few short months.

Manually completing repeatable processes and managing incident identification and resolution cycles are a thing of the past.  This tool is multi-threaded and is backed by a powerful decision engine so it can learn your needs.

Where you have repeatable processes or procedures, the Oasis Virtual Operator (VOps) can make your life infinitely easier. In most environments, our automation software eliminates 70-80% of all tier one functions, meaning you no longer have to have staff to do the tedious tasks of restarting failed processes, generating and distributing reports, or managing storage use.

The virtual operator can automate your workflow to help reduce the risk of mistakes and shorten downtime.  It has the capability to query for additional information such as log file entries, file completion status, whether a process is running – and via the Decision Engine, apply workflows that are defined to make the right decision quickly and correctly every time.

This product scales to fit any organization or task and it can operate as a stand alone solution or integrate with other solutions, such as the Oasis Event Manager (OEM) to make virtual event management easier than ever.

We don’t just recommend IT automation, we actually use a virtual automation system within our company, so you know we stand behind our tried and true solution. 

 Discovery Products

The Oasis Discovery Engine discovers the entire business environment, from the physical environment through application conversations. Knowing exactly what is in the environment allows you to find root cause quickly and provide the best solution. By mapping the environment and keeping on top of inventories, Oasis helps discover the optimal configuration for each business.   This is a great tool in an acquisition environment, as well as ongoing inventory management. 

Diagramming Tools

After the Oasis discovery engine finds what is in your IT world, it begins collecting conversations and relationships. This feature shows you which devices are communicating and how. It maps all of your devices to provide a clean, quick and real time view of what is happening in your inventory.

The Oasis discovery engine takes all the information it finds and populates the Oasis CMDB automatically.  It can also populate a third party or ITSM solution CMDB as easily; it uses the Common Information Model (CIM) as prescribed in ITIL, and as used by ServiceNow.

Application Monitoring  Products

Proactive Application Monitoring enables an organization to identify and rectify conditions before they become problematic. This feature is available in our Silver and Gold package options.

We are able to monitor a wide variety of environments, tools, products and operating systems due to the unique open front end that was created when the tool was designed.  Our engineers spent years in their careers dealing with the multi-tool needs of the IT world, so when they designed this tool, with that in mind, they designed a solution that was more adaptable and open to ensure ease of installation.

  • Web, Distributed, Database, Messaging
  • SSO, DCM/DMU, RPC, Citrix, Data Feeds, Web services, etc
  • MQ, JVM, WAS, etc
  • Availability, BW usage, Latency, SAN specific, Security, etc
  • UPS, POLL, HVAC, RACK, Generator

Service Management Dashboards

Application Health Dashboards provide colorized application status indicators, including elements such as application processing metrics, specialized application performance measures, report status, business process status, batch transaction status, data movement.  We also collect traditional infrastructure health status including availability (node up / node down), capacity (disk utilization), performance (CPU or memory utilization), and basic Operating System monitoring (process and service).

These dashboards can be created to target specific levels of the organization, such as the technical administrator, the manager, or the director level, summarizing data as you move up that path to provide the most comprehensive yet valuable data that is readily understood by the audience.

The dashboard begins with the business outcomes or deliverables, and works down to the underlying infrastructure, clearly defining all pieces, elements or devices in that path.  From there the most critical items are identified and monitoring  is applied to most effectively measure for the success of those outcomes.

This can include processes, deliverables, and even data flows/interfaces depending on what your application does and requires. 

Application Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

In order to understand and manage application performance and end user experience, it is important to understand key parts such as load, events, incidents, impact, and availability per standard ITIL definitions. Once these elements are understood, it becomes clear what the service can provide you as well as where and how the end users can access them.

To begin, how the application performance degrades needs to be understood. This does not occur in a linear fashion, therefore, neither should the analytic model. The model shows the system health/performance starting with an up and running application to a down or unusable application. As the load increases, the application can become degraded.

When the load crosses the threshold of degraded into completely down, the response time of the application increases exponentially. If load testing has been performed correctly, a static threshold can be used. 

End User Experience  Monitoring

If end user experience is a vital part of your application, our Gold package may be your best option. Oasis conducts end user monitoring with both synthetic transactions and traffic analysis in order to show you what is actually occurring in your application and what is predicted to occur. The predictive analytics allows you to test your environment’s capabilities to handle events such as application usage.

Web Application Performance

Often referred to as Synthetic Transactions, web application performance monitoring provides the tools and resources to consistently measure the performance of a web site, detect variations and anomalies in web user experience based on application response time,  With that knowledge, you take proactive action to correct issues before they impact your customers.

Our products records the transaction steps a user would perform, and executes those steps over and over in a frequency that is convenient for you.  This provides two very important things – first, if your application is having a problem over night, you will know it in time to address it before your users log on.  The second advantage is being able to identify “normal”.

You will easily be able to tell when any component of your environment changes in performance.  Our synthetic transaction dashboards also provide the drill down capability to reach deep down in to the code being executed, or to see each transaction step and the response time to ensure you can pinpoint any potential impact quickly and effectively. 

Application Performance Diagnostics

Also known as Probe Diagnostics, this service provides the ability to monitor the TCP-level interactions between your customers, applications and the infrastructure that supports them.  This “application-aware” network monitoring provides application intelligence and diagnostics that can assist you in better understanding the real time demand on your application, monitor and measure connectivity between application components, and troubleshoot application issues as they relate to your customers.  

This is particularly advantageous when deployed to look in at the application from outside locations, allowing you to see the performance in Japan versus Australia versus New Jersey.

Big Data

Syntervision’s ontological method of analysis allows big data to describe itself in terms of components and relationships. We then test this description for accuracy based on domain knowledge, sometimes referred to as “tribal knowledge” of the environment.

This drives more intuitive and accurate decision making. Oasis makes Big Data organizationally consumable in order to effectively and efficiently make business decisions and solve previously unanswered questions.   We have the experience to know where to help you get started with descriptive and predictive analytics, and help you move to prescriptive analysis.

Big Data is not defined by size, but by ease of analysis, or difficulty of analysis in most cases.  Syntervision takes the accumulated data and turns it into highly
valuable and consumable information. All it takes is the proper analytic tools and management to turn stored data into capital. We have all the tools necessary to collect, manage, and analyze your information to make those answers possible.

Syntervision does more than simply provide tools for you to better handle your Big Data. We show you how to transform your data from a repository of information to a business asset with which you can make sound decisions.  The more Big Data is used, the more your business has the ability to improve.

The first big step is figuring out where to start – and that is the challenge that negatively affects most companies that jump into the Data Lakes and Big Data Pools they either have accumulated over the years, or purchased for doing research studies.

There are two approaches that make the most sense – one is to analyze all of the data and see what logically falls out, or create Topic Clusters.  The other is to identify the specifics of a like condition, and use that to build the analytics to extract those conditions consistently from the data.  In either case, the key to success is taking advantage of the experience or area expertise to ensure you focus on the data points that matter 

Reporting Products

Exportable Data Reports

How, when, and where you get your data is vital to your organization. Oasis provides data reports that can be scheduled to run at a certain time or on demand. These reports are exportable to .csv to be more consumable, and .pdf to be more shareable.  Together with reporting, our notification system keeps you always in the know. Our notification system works in three steps.

Thresholds → Alert (Event) → Notifications

Thresholds are values of a metric set to generate an alert which may be an indication that action needs to take place.  The Alert is a warning that a threshold has been breached, something changed, or a failure has taken place.  Finally, the notifications are the act of reporting the alert. This is typically done through a ticketing system, text messaging, or email.

When setting up your account with us, you can choose how you wish to be notified. Knowing what’s going on within your company is central to success, so our reporting is a feature in every package. 


Syntervision offers both standard and custom dashboards. The standard dashboards are available in all of our package options and are created by the end user via widget type modules to fir your unique needs.

Custom dashboards are available in the Gold package and are made specifically for your company’s application needs by our team. These dashboards can surface important metrics that are easily consumable from the highest executive level down to the system administrator trying to research a server issue.

Dashboards generally focus on the business outcome, to ensure you can tell that you are meeting your goals with the most efficient IT environment possible.  The data from these dashboards can also be exported to create a report unique to your needs.


In light of all the major security breaches, IT security is a top priority for everyone. As an IT company, it is of the utmost importance that we keep your data completely secure.

The first step of our security system is discovering your environment because you can’t protect what you don’t know exists. Once we know what we’re working with, we establish what is considered “normal” within your infrastructure and begin integrating with your security systems like firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), Antivirus, and Cyber as well as your Security SIEM Platform.

By beginning our process with discovery, we have the ability to spot changes quickly and take action before major issues arise. The best part of our security system is that we take the event data we’ve collected, integrate with Oasis, and use the analyzed data to predict when threats are likely to occur. 


The Information Technology Service Management Analytics feature as it relates to application performance relies heavily on performance, load, and events or incidents. Performance is typically measured as the rate at which the execution of an action occurs. It should always be measured against the amount of load being applied either to the system, platform or server. Load is measured as the amount of usage taking place at a given point of time.

Understanding the maximum capacity of an application, a system, platform or server allows us to be able to understand and predict when performance will start to deteriorate based upon load. Events and Incidents occur when there is a change in the system, platform or
server that we were monitoring where thresholds have been established.

Once all of this information is gathered, we analyze it to create proactive solutions to projected issues. In other words, we take past and potential future event data to make current decisions in relation to the service. These analytics is allow us to constantly improve our service to you 


Every IT organization has a Configuration Management Database to hold all the information they collect. So what makes Syntervision’s CMDB unique? Ours was purpose built for ITSM and follows the common information model (CIM), making it the ideal partner for your other ITIL driven entities, such as ServiceNow.

Not only that, but our database stores event and performance data at the lowest configuration item (CI) and keeps incident, performance, and device data in relationship with one another. This allows you to see the performance of your IT component and the components or instances affecting it all in relationship to one another for easier analysis, trouble shooting, and Root Cause identification.

The fully automated population of our CMDB along with the storing of event and performance data in relationship to one another is what really sets us
apart. By fully automating our population, we’ve eliminated the information gap that many databases run into


Oasis was built to solve the acquisition woes many companies were calling their IT environment. Companies were forced to buy multiple programs to fix this problem and that problem.

Unfortunately, none of these tools played well together. The creators of Oasis had experienced the pains of trying to work with various programs to fix one problem and set out to create a single tool solution with an open API that worked well with everyone.

There hasn’t been a ticketing system or an application yet that we haven’t been able to integrate with. Here are a few examples…


Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2

Integrated Ticketing and Notifications

ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira, SMS, email

Application Integration

SAP, SAS, Oracle Weblogic, Epic, McKesson, Presentation layers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, SolarWinds, SCOM