Trap Adaptor

The Oasis Trap Adapter is a fully configurable Trap Listener and Forwarder with native integration to the Oasis Platform. When you leverage the easy-to-use Oasis web application, you can fully configure all features, including the trap exploder and forwarder. Simply, point all of your device traps to the IP address of our trap adaptor and it just works! The Oasis Trap Adapter handles millions of traps per day on a single node.


  • SNMP Trap Listener
  • Immediate event generation
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Pre-built trap definitions cover thousands of different device manufacturers
  • Create your own trap definitions in Oasis to capture your custom or vendor specific traps
  • Create custom automation flows
  • No limitation to what traps we can receive
  • Fully configurable with Oasis API and Oasis Manager
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Oasis Platform, Oasis CMDB, Oasis Automation, Oasis Reporting and Dashboards, and Service Desks