Simplify With Automation

The Oasis Virtual Operator (OVO)

If you’re looking for a world class RPA, you’ve found it with Syntervision. Our enterprise product takes advantage of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence by offering a more cost-effective solution that’ll increase savings without sacrificing quality.

The Oasis Virtual Operator delivers exceptional automation services for any repeatable process through cognitive computing. The graphical user interface offers a number of common automations right out of the box, but can also be customized! The OVO utilizes multi-path processes to quickly learn and implement the specific scripted language inputted into the system with limitless flexibility and control. And OVO can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Oasis Platform.

Enter the World of Automation to Experience Simplicity

Oasis Automation is a natural step in the lifecycle of a maturing Enterprise Service Management or IT Operations strategy in any business.

  • Reduces errors
  • Automates mundane tasks
  • Responds to common deviations rapidly
  • Reduce ticket count by ~80%
  • Save time and money in incident resolution staff hours and lost business
  • Ensure ultimate customer satisfaction