Reduce Noise with The Oasis Event Manager

The Oasis Event Manager (OEM) delivers a mature and modernized approach to Operations Management by reducing the noise in your system. Go from thousands of daily events down to a manageable volume for your NOC staff - a sure way to increase productivity. With OEM, they’re able to pinpoint the root cause of business impacting events such as outages and performance degradations, quicker.

Events are automatically correlated to the services they impact so your operations team can prioritize troubleshooting. Additionally, Oasis Analytics proactively finds at-risk applications and devices, then alerts to their deterioration and heightened risk to the business. The synthetic Application Assurance tool constantly checks real world transactions for response time and availability. Systems are confirmed for both availability and reachability. For example, Oasis knows that a service may be unavailable because the NAS is unreachable due to a faulty switch. But the NAS is working properly and the appropriate team is dispatched to repair the switch.

The Oasis Event Manager is viewed through a single dashboard view and organized in a built-in view or by readily customizable templates. This flexibility matches the way your personnel work today so productivity is immediate and resolution times are reduced. The Oasis Dashboards are all convertible to Reports which can be scheduled, mailed or published to any portal. Key information is generated out-of-the-box, such as the Top Devices with Events and the Top Events generated. When maintenance windows are implemented, Oasis knows how to calibrate for Availability and Performance metrics and keeps alerts from being generated to the Helpdesk. Save your staff time and headaches.