Unprecedented Visibility with Full Network Discovery

Asset Discovery is simple and comprehensive with Oasis. It starts by seeding some basic information such as an IP address of a core device like a backbone switch or router and adding a community string. Another method is to give a list of known IP addresses to Oasis and start it up. Oasis will rapidly walk through thousands of devices, automatically selecting the ideal protocol by which to discover and interrogate it. After a device is found and assigned a type, (i.e.: server, network equipment or application) the device is placed into a logical map in relationship to its ‘parent’, ‘children’ and next-to dependencies

Every asset must have a dependency and cannot be alone on an island. When these devices are discovered, their information is automatically reported back to the Incident Desk for clarification and remediation. A potential scenario is that the information is sent to the security team if viewed as suspicious or risky.

Oasis Discovery runs consistently, every day to keep your Data Center current and in alignment with your Incident, Problem, Security, Asset Management and Service Management Reports. Oasis allows you to determine the performance and availability of software applications which can assist with detecting potential security or device performance risks. The platform also offers out-of-the-box database monitoring for performance and availability.

  • Comprehensive visibility into logs, systems, data, and business outcomes
  • Connects to almost any database
  • Generate alerts to rapidly identify and solve issues
  • Enhanced network protection backed by automation and advanced analytics