Oasis Platform


Discover all of your enterprise network and device data - simply and quickly. Then view that data in a logical and digestible UI. This is the first step to having massive visibility into all systems and is critical to decision making, security, and capacity management.


Delivering exceptional monitoring and automation services for your enterprise through cognitive computing. Leverage out-of-the-box solutions or make your own. Seamlessly integrate with other technology and departments for widespread and proactive business impact.


With unprecedented visibility, dynamic solutions, and advanced analytics, you are able to truly understand your enterprise ecosystem. Gaining greater efficiency in identifying and implementing your initiatives. Giving you the ability to reach your digital transformation goals.

Platform Architecture

Platform's Core Features

Fully Scalable

Out-of-the-box monitoring scales to handle any size network with room to grow

Multi vendor monitoring

Oasis is shipped with thousands of monitoring templates and can easily add new vendor and monitoring templates with intuitive configuration pages

Advanced Alerting

Create alerts based on simple or complex nested trigger conditions, defined parent/child dependencies, and network topology.

Performance Analytic Dashboards

Completely customizable dashboards for any metric.

We offer a trial version that includes all advanced features - free, for 30 days. Contact us today to request a license!