Everyone’s IT needs are unique. Syntervision provides these packages to make figuring
out what level of service matches your business needs best a little easier. To discuss
pricing, please set up a consultation with us so we can properly assess your company’s


Our Bronze package gives you the best of IT service without overwhelming you with
parts you don’t need. This option ensures your entire business environment will be
discovered and managed so you can keep track of everything that is happening. You
will always be the first to know if there is an issue because you will be notified through


The Silver package gives you all of the convenience of the Bronze package with a few
more perks. This option allows you to integrate your existing ticketing system and
application as well as monitor the application(s). Along with the application benefits,
you also receive Automation capabilities and Environment mapping.


The Gold package provides you everything from the most basic monitoring to Big Data
analytics. This option gives you the freedom to customize your dashboards and further
investigate how your users are experiencing your applications.


The Platinum package is our completely customizable package to fit all of your business
needs. This option covers all of the services provided in Gold as well as diagnostic and
troubleshooting features.