How, when, and where you get your data is vital to your organization. Oasis provides data
reports that can be scheduled to run at a certain time or on demand whenever you need. These
reports are exportable to .csv to be more consumable, and .pdf to be more shareable.

Together with IT reporting, our notification system keeps you always in the know. Our notification
system works in three steps.

Thresholds → Alert (Event) → Notifications

Thresholds are values of a metric set to generate an alert or management action to take place.
The Alert is a warning that a threshold has been breached, something changed, or a failure has
taken place. Finally, the notifications are the act of reporting the alert. This is typically
done through a ticketing system, text messaging, or email. When setting up your account with us,
you can choose how you wish to be notified. Knowing what’s going on within your company is central
to success, so our IT reporting is a feature in every package.


Syntervision offers both standard and custom dashboards. The standard dashboards are available
in all of our package options and are created by the end user via widget type modules to fir your
unique needs. Custom dashboards are available in the Gold package and are made specifically for
your company’s application needs by our team. These dashboards can surface important metrics that
are easily consumable from the highest executive level down to the system administrator trying to
research a server issue. They focus on the business outcome, to ensure you can tell that you are
producing your product with the most efficient IT environment possible.