IT Management

Oasis covers your events, performance, and inventory. Long story short, if there is anything
going on in your environment, we’re going to know about it. To make sure we’re managing your
data accurately, we preform calculations, comparisons, thresholds, and even analytics daily.
That data is then put into historical databases to create events or more analytics. Because
we feel as though full transparency is vital to success, we provide both of our IT management
services in all package options.

Event Management

The Oasis Event Manager (OEM) can manage millions of events per day. By leveraging data aggregation,
deduplication, and event suppression it can create incidents based on the root cause as well as
indicate the severity of the incident. All of the events are time stamped and ideal for replaying
what took place in a particular time frame. Our Oasis Event Manager (OEM) works directly with
the Oasis Virtual Operator to provide notifications and auto-corrective actions.

Performance Management

Oasis collects millions of data points per hour to comprise performance metrics. These data points
are stored for a minimum of 13 months in relationship to event metrics. The reason we store these events together
is to make replaying performance events much more meaningful. With Oasis, you can replay
performance metrics that occurred prior to an incident to identify a precursor event you may
have originally missed. The precursor event can now have an alert attached to it to ensure the
same issue does not occur again.


Continuing with our theme of showing you exactly what’s going on in your business environment, we
came up with Oasis Inventory management. Inventory management is exactly what it sounds like.
Oasis discovers and creates relationships of everything your company has and organizes it in a
database, a true CMDB based on industry standards. It maintains this database so if you are ever
curious as to how many hard drives your company has, you can tell with the click of a button.