As with any new version of a SAAS, there are a lot of exciting new features and gadgets associated with it. One aspect we are exceptionally excited about is our dashboards. Like most ESM solution companies, we have used dashboards in our previous versions. However, they were never this cool. Easy as 1, 2, 3 … more »

It’s race weekend in Indianapolis! In the time it has taken you to read these first sentences, an IndyCar during the Indianapolis 500 could be completely serviced, including all four tires changed and fresh gasoline, in a green flag pit stop. During this 500 mile race, the average speed in 2014 was 186.563 mph. However, … more »

Channeling their inner Westley from Princess Bride, the engineers at Syntervision put their heads together and said “As you wish” to customers with an entirely new Oasis V3.  Feedback from the lead engineer on the Oasis redesign, said the reasoning behind Oasis V3 was to “… modernize the user experience and provide the first true … more »

Left of Launch Your company’s security is one of the most important aspects of IT, so why not protect it like the military does? The military utilizes a missile detection strategy known as left of launch.  This interestingly named strategy leverages a preemptive style of attack on nuclear ballistic missile threats before they are launched, … more »

Every business is concerned with ROI, CAPEX, and OPEX; especially heading into the Second Quarter. What if we told you that Syntervision can have you seeing green in all of those areas? You’re probably thinking that there’s a catch somewhere, but we assure you there isn’t. Our secret weapon is the Oasis Automation tool. It … more »

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