Big Data

Just having lots of data isn’t going to do you any good. Big Data is not defined by size, but
ease of analysis. Syntervision takes unruly accumulation of data and turns it into highly
valuable information that could someday lead to the cure for cancer. All it takes is the proper
analytic tools and management to make your wildest questions now have answers. We have all the
tools necessary to collect, manage, and analyze your information to make those answers possible.
Syntervision does more than simply provide tools for you to better handle your Big Data, though.
We show you how to transform your data from a repository of information to a business asset with
which you can make sound decisions. For example, say a customer was on the phone ordering a
product from you at 3:15 PM. Out of nowhere, their call was dropped and they’re not sure if the
order went through or not. Oasis can follow the transaction path and triangulate it to the
infrastructure failure, revealing what went wrong on the call, if the order went through, and what
caused the order call to fail at 3:15 PM. The more Big Data is used, the more your business has
the ability to improve.