Can you automate part of your business? The answer to that question is more than likely yes!
If you have any repeatable processes or procedures, the Oasis Virtual Operator (VOps) could
make your life infinitely easier. In most environments, our automation software eliminates
70-80% of all tier one functions, meaning you no longer have to do the tedious tasks of
restarting failed processes, generating and distributing reports, or managing backups yourself.
The virtual operator can also automate your workflow to help reduce the risk of mistakes and
shorten downtime. Think of it as taking analytic thought process and putting it into code.

While this product is completely scalable to fit any task, it can either operate alone or
integrate with other solutions, such as the Oasis Event Manager (OEM) to make virtual event
management easier than ever. We don’t just recommend IT automation, we actually use a virtual
automation system within our company, so you know we stand behind our tried and true solution.
This option is available in both our Silver and Gold packages.