NIST, not just another compliance framework

Just about anyone in any computer based industry has heard of NIST by now,  Must like ITIL was for Information Technologies, NIST has produced a framework of recommendations to ensure you are in control and meeting regulatory expectations.  Oasis has added a new component to it’s suite that addresses those needs specifically.  It is a customization compliance section where you can turn options off and on, use data already being collected, manage the data in groups and ensure you meet the requirements as expected for your company, your department or your team.
Being a widget-driven architecture gives you the flexibility and freedom to have your Executive Summary view, and a different view for your technical details.  And the best part is that this is just part of the package.  You end up getting a world class Management solution packed full of “suite” deals!  A dynamic discovery engine that collects all of your asset information, that is fed into the process and data collection/polling begins.  Shortly after you have a baseline view of the environment and your performance, so you can define thresholds.  And guess what?  All of that feeds into your compliance.  It’s a pretty simple way to be sure you are constantly moving forward and are able to spot any risks or challenges prior to any impact.
Check it out, give Syntervision a call, it’s worth the dime.