V3 Dashboard Makeover

As with any new version of a SAAS, there are a lot of exciting new features and gadgets associated with it. One aspect we are exceptionally excited about is our dashboards. Like most ESM solution companies, we have used dashboards in our previous versions. However, they were never this cool.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” and we completely agree. In Oasis V3 users will be able to create most widgets in a few minutes without development from IT experts. That means that our easy to use graphical tool will give users more freedom to create the graphs that work best for their needs and a similar tool can combine the widget into a dashboard.

Customization Station

Not only are our dashboards and widgets easy to create, they’re also simple to customize. Users will have control over the design of the widget, like the font size and colors for example. Along with the interchangeable color schemes, users will have flexibility in the way their data is presented. If bar charts strike your fancy more than a pie chart, then you can use them. You have the power to decide how data is shown.

Fairy Tale Ending

Oasis V3 has a feature that allows you to follow the Yellow Brick Road, if you will, to get back to frequently visited dashboards and widgets. Users will see their previous visits’ history as well as a personal favorites menu to make navigation much easier. We don’t have any poppy fields hidden, promise.