Race with Oasis, Indy!

It’s race weekend in Indianapolis! In the time it has taken you to read these first sentences, an IndyCar during the Indianapolis 500 could be completely serviced, including all four tires changed and fresh gasoline, in a green flag pit stop. During this 500 mile race, the average speed in 2014 was 186.563 mph. However, winning the 500 is more than just going the fastest around the 2.5 mile oval. It comes down to the pit stops and how efficient those can be.

Over the years, teams have become much more effective in the time it takes them to complete a pit stop and average only 7 during the entire race, roughly 1 every 29 laps. How do the teams figure out the optimal pit stop number and what to do during those brief 10 second stops? Monitoring. The constant monitoring and analysis of all the data coming in from the IndyCar ranging from the fuel gauge, engine temperature, tire performance, or a host of other areas, is what makes those incredible pit stops possible. By proactively monitoring all aspects of the IndyCar’s functionality, teams are able to know exactly what needs to be done to keep the car performing at its best.

Much like the IndyCar crew members that are in charge of monitoring the statuses of all the moving parts, Syntervision Oasis monitors all parts of your business to keep you going like a well oiled machine. We’re more than an ESM company or an ITSM company for that matter. Syntervision is dedicated to bringing simplicity to the enterprise. Every organization is going through some sort of race, big or small. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone on your side ensuring all your mechanics were functioning properly and solved issues quickly and effectively? Let us help keep your team barreling towards the finish line.


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