Military Grade IT Security

Left of Launch

Your company’s security is one of the most important aspects of IT, so why not protect it like the military does? The military utilizes a missile detection strategy known as left of launch.  This interestingly named strategy leverages a preemptive style of attack on nuclear ballistic missile threats before they are launched, leading to its title of left of launch. These missiles are detected through their electric signatures released by the command, control, and target systems once engaged. Taking out a nuclear missile before it’s launched seems astronomical, but what does that have to do with IT security? The similarities are quite intriguing. When thinking of a security attack on your IT environment, wouldn’t you like to take out the threat before it gets to the phase that hacks your system? Absolutely. Because Oasis is proactively monitoring your entire environment and conversations within your network, we can identify the precursor events to the breach, like the electric signatures of the missile systems. Left of launch strategies stop the threat right before it launches, but what if we told you Oasis utilizes a left of left of launch security strategy?

Left of Left of Launch

Left of launch alone can be hard to take in at first, but a strategy that’s left of that can seem too complex to bother with. However, it just sounds hard. All it really means is that Oasis detects threats before they can get anywhere close to the launching phase.  The best part of this strategy is that we provide every customer with this level of security. Our security feature works great at protecting your edges alone or integrated with existing security tools.

Security breaches have been occurring within major companies quite frequently in the past few months. Don’t let your business fall due to these savvy hackers. No matter the size of your business, Syntervision will protect you. We give you that extra piece of mind knowing that we stop potential threats prior to them having a negative impact on your business so you can get back to more important things.