Automation: the Secret Weapon

Every business is concerned with ROI, CAPEX, and OPEX; especially heading into the Second Quarter. What if we told you that Syntervision can have you seeing green in all of those areas? You’re probably thinking that there’s a catch somewhere, but we assure you there isn’t. Our secret weapon is the Oasis Automation tool. It may sound simple, but implementing our Automation tool can exponentially save you on capital and operational expenses as well as give you an ROI in a few short months.

Spending, Saving, and Making

No matter how you slice it, the profitability of a company comes down to the balance of spending, saving, and making money. How can an automation tool help with all three? First, we’ll start with spending money. After purchasing and implementing Oasis, most companies saw an ROI in three short months. By spending the money to purchase the product, companies were able to save more money in other aspects of their business. Oasis reduces companies’ cost by consolidating various tools and reducing the amount of staff necessary to do the same amount of work, only faster with less error. This tool takes the analytic thought process of an experienced engineer and puts it into code reducing the time, manpower, and money previously spent on everyday tasks. Think of how much money your company could save by going from a room full of 50 engineers down to 1 automation tool that does the same amount of work without added expenditures for salary and insurance. Not only does it allow for staff reduction, but when used to automate your workflow, it also reduces the risk of error and shortens downtime. These money saving aspects of Oasis allow companies to focus their attention on more important things, like making a profit. Automation takes engineers out of firefighting mode and puts them in a place to concentrate on creating great new things, not just constantly fixing what’s broken.

Oasis Automation

Automation in general is a great business move, but what makes Oasis Automation different is the fact that we use our own Automation tool within our company. We have seen the success of automation in other businesses and have implemented this tool to improve our services to you. Because of what we have seen in other businesses, we also made our tool with an open API to make integration with other tools virtually seamless. We also know that every company’s needs are different, so another incredible feature of the tool is that it’s completely scalable to fit any task, whether that’s automating one task or your entire workflow.

Secret Agent

Now that you know a little more about the Oasis Automation tool, it makes sense as to why we call it our secret weapon. It comes in, saves you money, and your competition will never see it coming. To find out more about Oasis Automation, please schedule a consultation with one of our experts today!