What’s with the buzz around Big Data?

Petabyte. Zettabyte. Predictive analytics. Meta data. All of these terms surround one topic, Big Data, but why is it such a buzz word right now? The answer is actually pretty fascinating. For years, organizations have been collecting all this data, which at the time seemed to be rather small amounts. Over time, the amount of data collected grew into petabytes and zettabytes worth of data, but more importantly, it became a repository of highly valuable information that was very difficult to mine.  Out of that, the term Big Data was born.  Big Data has a larger connotation than simply having these massive amounts of data, it comes down to what you do with the data and how you do it. This leads us to the question on everyone’s agenda:

What are you trying to solve that you couldn’t before?

One of the many incredible facts about Big Data is its ability to help answer the questions that we didn’t have the capabilities to answer before. For example, say you have a fleet of 1,000 aircraft that are scheduled for maintenance every few months. To ensure all parts are in tip-top shape, each of these must be torn down to nuts and bolts and examined. Expensive, right? However, with Big Data analytics, you could predict which parts are going to wear out based on the collective data gathered from a plethora of events such as flights and landings. These predictions would save you from having to completely tear the aircraft apart to check them; that information is all neatly displayed in your database.

But I don’t have any aircraft…

Ok, maybe you don’t have a fleet of 1,000 aircraft, but there is an industry that absolutely pertains to you. Let’s talk about the healthcare industry. No matter your age, gender, or race, the way the healthcare industry collects, stores, analyzes and uses the data they’ve been gathering for years dictates your future. Imagine a world with more cures, less deaths from preventable causes, and an all-around healthier, better life. Still not convinced? Big Data analytics also applies to your purchasing experiences.  Stores, auto dealers and even insurance companies, collect all manner of data via those “loyalty” cards, and that is all used to better target your specific likes and dislikes with advertising and sale events.  Even Facebook is collecting mass amounts of data on our daily lives and uses that data to tailor feeds and create changes that enhance your browsing experiences.  All of that is possible by harnessing the power of Big Data.

How can Big Data work for me, though?

To answer that question, we have a few questions for you. Does your company have data that you are not effectively using today? Is there a question that begs to be answered? If you answered yes, Syntervision can help you solve that question you’ve been burning to answer. Not only do we have the capability to collect and analyze your big data, we have the experience to back it up. Big data and analytics are nothing new to us; we’ve been honing our skills for years. We can show you how to transform your data from a repository of information to a business asset with which you can make sound decisions.

Want to chat with an expert?

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