A letter from our CEO

Where Syntervision, Inc. started

The humble, ethical companies that everyone loves today did not become that way over night or by chance. These companies were created with goals and morals in mind to give customers the best service possible. I can attribute these qualities found in Syntervision, Inc. greatly to the way I was raised in a small Alabama town outside of Huntsville. My parents forever fostered my insatiable passion for technology from an early age, even giving me voltage meter and electronic kit for Christmas when I was seven. By the time I was a teenager I was proficient in repairing household appliances as well as video games. My passion didn’t stop there; the Sunday night after high school graduation, I started my first position with a Fortune 500 company doing electrical repair. Through this company I was able to learn the ins and outs of the new technologies. I grew within the company from their lowest level employee all the way into their top technological position.

Growing with the technology industry while it was booming was probably one of the most beneficial things that could have happened to me. I was given the opportunity in 1993 to do some consulting for an accounting firm that turned out to be more influential than I could have fathomed at the time. After doing work for the accountant, he then recommended my services to his clients including an attorney, a large soft drink company, and a school system. Shortly after, I began working with NASA dealing with missile defense.

The creation of Oasis

Through all of these various positions; however, I kept running into the same issue. These companies had all bought multiple solutions and tried to stitch them together in order to solve one problem. None of these other solutions were specifically built to solve the challenge, leading to high price tags and overly complex interfaces. That is how Oasis was born. From its inception, we wanted Syntervision’s Oasis solution to solve businesses’ service management issues in a simple, standardized view at a much more reasonable price. The reason our solution is more affordable is that we designed this solution to be scalable to serve the largest or the smallest company and we automated repeatable procedures and processes.

When you put it that way, it seems simple, and it is. Einstein said it the best when he said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Our services and solution are currently deployed in some of the largest life sciences, health care, service providers and telecommunication companies in the nation and our Cloud solution is serving many smaller organizations, such as schools.

The things that hold true

Through all of our growth and experience we have held true to the core values that we were raised with. Give it your all, and nothing less. Be happy, but never complacent. And finally there is always something new to discover. We will continue to grow as a company as well as individuals and we hope you join us on this journey.


Thank you,

Greg Elmore, CEO Syntervision, Inc.