Oasis will simplify your world with just a few clicks.

Discover all of your assets, their relationships, and store them in a secure repository.

Fast, Simple and Secure.



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Oasis has a fully configurable Compliance Section that will accommodate your needs quickly and easily with just a few clicks. You get to use all of the power of the data already provided simply by deploying the Oasis Discovery Engine, so you are up to speed faster than any other option.


NIST SP 800-37
NIST SP 800-193


The widgets used to construct the views can be modified using toggles to turn items off and on, new items can be added, as well as a fully custom dashboard driven by your unique business drivers.


Why SOAR and why now?

“The Gartner report reinforced the notion that there are too many security alarms and not enough people to deal with them. Without centralized security orchestration and incident response capabilities, SecOps teams are stuck manually collecting and stitching together threat information. This means security professionals are working from manual playbooks specific to individual incidents. It can be time-consuming and tedious. There’s a debilitating reduction in time they could be devoting to proactively hunting and defending their network from cyber-attacks.

Such circumstances are causing SOAR to grow in adoption and influence. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 15% of security organizations with five or more security professionals will adopt SOAR. This an increase from the current adoption rate of less than 1%. As the report notes, “The challenges from an increasingly hostile threat landscape, combined with a lack of people, expertise and budget are driving organizations toward security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technologies.”

Information from Swimlane